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In 2015, Solvay introduced its own internal diversity initiatives, which include a work-life balance commitment for its employees and a management pledge to encourage and support diversity in the workforce and, significantly, in the Group’s executive population. For Solvay, diversity relates to experience and personal background (ethnicity, race and religion), gender, geographical origin and age group. A policy of inclusion and diversity will make Solvay more attractive to new talent, bring the organization closer to its clients and mirror the societies in which it operates, all the while giving the Group a true competitive advantage. At the end of 2015, Solvay announced five sustainability goals to be met by 2025, including improvement of the employee engagement index.

Given the importance of employee engagement to the Group and in order to measure progress towards its 2025 goals, the Group decided to launch a modified “pulse” survey of its general populace on an annual basis. Targeting the same population but substantially shorter in length, this survey seeks to measure the current “pulse” of the organization with respect to employee engagement at the Group and entity levels. The 20-question survey was launched in November 2016.

Incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken


Total Claims Alleged


Total Claims Closed

Solvay encourages its employees to Speak Up when they observe behavior in the workplace that is not in line with Solvay’s values. The Solvay Ethics Helpline is open to receive reports of such conduct and records allegations of discrimination under the broad category “Discrimination including Harassment and Retaliation.”

The 2016 data collected from the Solvay Ethics Helpline show:

Discrimination and/or Harassment, including Retaliation



No Action


Policy Review





























In response to an increasing number of allegations of harassment in the workplace in Solvay’s Latin American region, Solvay’s Compliance Officer for that zone implemented specialized anti-harassment training for management in 2016 and completed training of 191 managers on this topic.